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How to know if you are working gluteus to the maximum

Tell me what your goal is and we will tell you which zone you should train and how.

How many times are you working your glutes and have you asked yourself, am I doing it right? Will I be dedicating my time and effort to the right exercises? Because although the best is in all parts of the buttock for a global objective, depending on what our specific goal is, we will have to make some movements or others: raise buttocks, round them, reduce centimeters, eliminate cellulite…

But to know what butt exercises we have to do first, we have to learn to differentiate the muscle areas into which the gluteus is divided.

Working gluteus maximus, medium or minimum

Gluteus medius: It is located in the upper part of the buttocks and serves as a connector with the hip. It helps with the balance of people when walking or doing any activity that leads to a movement of the trunk.

Gluteus maximus: It is the largest of the muscles in the area, it is the entire central part and the one we demand the most when it comes to exercising.

Gluteus Minus: It is also at the top, right where the back ends. It is a very small muscle, but it has a great function in terms of stretching and shrinking the area.
Once we have learned to differentiate the gluteal areas, we are going to organize our routines by choosing the exercises with which each of them is worked. You can see them in the video that the coach has shared.

Take note of other tips to work glute: get a good booty band, include the butt exercises in your weekly workouts giving them a frequency, be constant if you want to achieve results, and do not forget that diet also plays an important role in development muscular.

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