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How To Organise Your Fitness Clothing

Does half of the time that you allocate for working out involve shuffling through your wardrobe trying to find and then create your perfect workout kit?

We are living in a blessed time when not only are there more options for fashionable workout gear on the market, but it is perfectly acceptable to visit your local cafe or supermarket dressed in your workout gear.

Leggings and sports tops that were once a fashionista no-no are now so commonplace they would not even raise a bushy Cara Delevingne eyebrow in the cereal aisle. Fitness clothing manufacturers are creating uber-stylish workout clothing in such a wide array of colours, style and collections that it can be a little bit stressful keeping up. But that is certainly not a reason to complain. Especially when you remember the days of fluoro gym wear that graced aerobics classes back in the 80′s.

But there is an alarming problem that is growing in severity

We are collecting more and more fitness garments than ever before. Sadly our wardrobes and cupboards are growing at the same rate. This has resulted in women all over Australia madly searching for ‘that pair of workout pants’ in their wardrobes (and washing baskets) in order to complete their workout kit.

This can be such an intense exercise it might even be justifiably called the warm up

But in order to help you keep your exercise clothing organised here are some simple tips from the experts that you can follow. Just remember, the more organised your wardrobe the greater the chance that you can find a reason to do more shopping for that ‘one more item’ that you have been craving from last month’s Women’s Health.

Step 1 – Go Hunting

Before you can organise all of your exercise gear, you need to find it all.

It might take a little bit of effort and time (especially when you get distracted finding pieces that you forgot about) but go through all of your drawers, closets and storage boxes and find any and every piece of clothing that you use for exercising. Yoga pants, sports bras, workout tops, headbands, hoodies, athletic socks, running shoes, sweatpants and leggings, get them all and lay them out on your bed (keep your runners on the ground). If you are like most other Australian women you are bound to find a few extra tops and exercise shorts that you have totally forgotten about.

Step 2 – Judging Time

Are you ever going to wear that again? Seriously, you are better than that!

Examine each piece that you have found and establish whether you will actually wear that garment in the next three months. If an item is stretched, ripped or something that you would actually dread stepping out in, this is the time to get rid of it.

You get more out of your workouts when you feel good about yourself. If you are sliding into a pair of daggy workout pants you are not going to feel that joyous marching into the gym, so get rid of them. Choose exercise clothing that boosts your confidence and excites you about your next workout.

Your body size constantly changes. Identify which clothing fits best and get rid of the rest! You do not have to throw them out but store them elsewhere if they are your target size. By doing this you will free up storage space and it will make choosing a workout outfit that much easier.

Step 3 – Keep Your Exercise Clothing Together

For maximum productivity, try and keep your exercise gear grouped together and separate from your other clothing. By keeping a division between your exercise clothing and your other wardrobe essentials it will ensure that you don’t lose any items to the ‘cupboard abyss’ and it will simplify the decision making process when you are searching for what to wear.

Step 4 – Put Together Four Complete Exercise Outfits

Create four workout outfits that are ready to go so that when you are time-short you can suit up quickly and get into your workout. Putting in a little bit of effort of creating some great workout outfits will help you boost your motivation when you are humming and harring about whether you should actually push yourself and go for that five-kilometre run, or just throw your arms in the air and crash on the couch.

Live a more organised life and it will empower you to live a more active life

Pro Tip: Professional organiser, Rashelle Isip, has a great way of keeping her workout gear organised – mesh bags. Once you have created a stunning workout outfit, it can be hard to get it together again when you throw it all in the washing machine and then have to rearrange it once it is dry. Rashelle places her exercise outfits in small mesh laundry bags once she is finished with them and keeps them in there while they are in the washer and dryer. This way you are not wasting time finding your workout outfit all over again.

Whether you love going for an early morning run as the sun peers over the horizon or prefer charging into the gym on the way home from work, keeping your workout gear organised will not only save you time and space, but it will allow you to focus more on having your best workout each and every day.

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