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Medical Insurance with outpatient coverage

Health Insurance

A Health Insurance tailored to you. Medical Insurance with outpatient coverage, comprehensive coverage and Insurance with reimbursement option. Thus, the Insured has different contracting options.

Health Insurance

Direct access to consultations of primary medicine, specialties and diagnostic means (does not include emergencies or hospitalization) with professionals and medical centers affiliated with SegurCaixa Adeslas.

At Adeslas, your health comes first. For this reason, we offer you Adeslas GO, with which you and your family will access, without health questionnaires, the largest medical chart in the country and many other advantages, so that you can improve your health at a low cost. From €18 per month

General Medicine and Specialties

Personalized attention in a wide range of specialties, for your satisfaction.

  • General Medicine (consultation and home). Pediatrics and Childcare. Nursing (consultation and home)
  • Allergology. Digestive system. Cardiology. Dermatology. Endocrinology and Nutrition. Immunology
  • Pneumology. Neurology. Obstetrics and Gynecology; In this way, you have access to numerous specialists.

The maximum annual limit that the Policyholder will pay as co-payments for each Insured under 55 years of age and annuity of insurance, will be €260 per year, and thus have a minimum number of visits insured.

In the case of insurance periods of less than one year, said limit will be proportional.

The maximum annual limit will not apply when the use of health services included in the policy is carried out by Insured Persons aged 55 or over.

  • Free of the first three billing co-payments for each insured person and insurance annuity, as long as the amount is less than €16, and thus, the economic issue should not be an obstacle.
  • As of the renewal of the insurance, in addition to the previous gratuity (first three billing copays less than 16 e), the rest of the copays will be subsidized by a 25% discount, and thus, have the maximum possible advantages.
  • As a consequence of all this, we can see that it is an insurance that meets expectations for those people who want to access Private Health so that they can be more aware of their health,