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Popular Machines for Home Gym Setup

With the proper set of equipment, you can start out your fitness regimen in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few of the more popular home gym equipment you may consider investing in if you’re serious about getting fitter this year.

For cardio, you can invest in a good punching bag. A basic one wont set you back much and will set up easily almost anywhere in the house, as long as you have a place to hang it from. You can get a full body cardio workout from this bad boy if you put in the proper time and technique.

A treadmill would also be a good piece of equipment for your home gym. You don’t have to go all fancy, but a good treadmill with the proper adjustable settings for speed and inclines would be nice to have. Running has always been a great full body workout, and a treadmill allows you to be able to run no matter the weather.

An air bike is also a great option for a home gym setup

Popular Machines for Home Gym Setup

There are a lot of stationary bikes available but the air bike gives you a few distinct advantages. It allows you to set the resistance yourself: the harder you pedal, the more the fan will want to push back so you can control your own pace and difficulty. Air bikes also make you push and pull with your arms for an upper body workout as well—so that is 2 exercises from one machine.

For strength training, you will need a decent set of weights. There are now adjustable dumbbells available and you can adjust their weight in 5lb increments. These are ideal for small home setups as they are compact and take up much less room compared to a set of individual weights. Most even come with their own stand so they are ready to go any time. For using free weights, you will also need a good lifting bench. Find one that has adjustable positions so you can vary your routines as needed for the proper form.

A pull up bar is another cost-effective piece of home gym equipment you can get. Set up one on a doorway and make it a point to do as many pull ups as you can every time you walk through.

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