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The 4 Best Barbell Glute Exercises

For a large part of our fitness community, having a symmetrical and marked physique is of the utmost importance, however, to achieve this we must rigorously follow focused exercise routines for each muscle group.

To achieve a correct symmetry in the lower body, the buttocks play a very important role since apart from making us look great (especially girls), it gives us firmness and strength in our lower body, however for all the people who cannot attend the gym due to time issues, either because of school or work it can become somewhat complicated to exercise them correctly.

That is why this time we want to show you 4 fabulous Exercises For Buttocks With A Bar, which you can improvise from home with what you have a disposition.

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The 4 Best Barbell Glute Exercises

The 4 Best Barbell Glute Exercises

#1 The Dead Weight

When we talk about the best exercises for buttocks with a barbell, we cannot leave the deadlift out of this list, since it is one of the quintessential exercises that doing it correctly can give our muscles a giant stimulus, at the beginning it can be a It is not very complicated to master this technique, however with a little practice and using an adequate weight little by little you will learn more and more until you perform it perfectly, a session of 4 series of 10 to 12 repetitions will be enough.

#2 Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat

It is no secret to anyone that squats are a powerful compound exercise with which we can work different muscles of our lower body efficiently, however if we want to apply much more emphasis to our buttocks.

The sumo squat is your best ally, working with An adequate weight will give your buttocks that extra stimulus that you need to grow.

To perform this exercise correctly, you just have to place your feet with a width a little beyond the width of your shoulders with the tips of them facing out, holding the bar firmly on your shoulders.

#3 Lunges


Lunges are for many a powerful exercise with which you can vary the work of the muscles depending on the execution, in this case to focus on the buttocks we only have to take our steps a little longer than usual, however you must focus a lot on do not lose your balance and work with a weight that you can control, otherwise you can run the risk of suffering unwanted accidents that can end in a serious injury, that is why we recommend that you master this exercise very well before starting to add weight additional.

#4 Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust is the quintessential exercise to give your buttocks an isolated workout, to execute it correctly you will only need any flat surface you have at home and some weight on the bar, perform a controlled movement keeping the weight at its highest point for 2 seconds while contracting your buttocks, perform approximately 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

We hope that this information will be very useful to you so that you can exercise your buttocks from home, also remember to always maintain an adequate diet rich in proteins, avoiding excessive consumption of sugars and highly processed foods as much as possible.

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