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The 5 best exercises to have a fitness body

The fitness body that everyone wants to have by training on their own or doing it in a gym. This is something that you can achieve with work in the gym or practicing your favorite sport. The best of all is that you can achieve this even training from home, the only thing you will need is perseverance and hard work.

This time we will give you a series of tips that will allow you to achieve a fitness body from the comfort of your home. And without spending a lot of money on gym equipment.

What is a toned body?

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Before starting with the tips, it is important that you understand what a fitness body is. Many people have the wrong idea of ​​this and think that it is just a muscular body.

The truth is that a fitness body goes much further, when we talk about it we are referring precisely to a functional body. That is, a fitness body is one that has developed certain characteristics that make it an athletic and resistant body.

Among the main characteristics that a fitness body must have are cardiovascular endurance, power, speed, coordination, balance, precision, agility, coordination and muscular endurance.

A fitness body is extremely healthy and also has a very attractive appearance. In addition to exercise, a fitness body requires adequate nutrition that creates a balance.

The best exercises you can do at home for your fitness body

5 New Fat Burning Exercises

Here are a series of tips that will allow you to get a fitness body at home. They are a series of exercises that you can include in your routine to achieve the goal of a fitness body in a short time.

1. Warm-ups:

The warm-up is an important part of any training routine, it will help you to warm up and avoid injuries. The best way to start is with a series of Jamping Jacks, as they will quickly activate the muscles.

2. Squats:

Squats are a very complete exercise which will help keep your body firm. It will help you tone parts of your body such as legs, buttocks and abdomen.

3. Abs:

The abs are another of the exercises that will help to strengthen your body. It is a very simple exercise to perform and that will help you strengthen your upper abs in a very efficient way.

4. Static plank:

You must lie face down on the floor to be able to perform this exercise. It is important that you keep your body as straight as possible and do a plank. This exercise will strengthen your back and stamina, making it the perfect upper body exercise.

5. Pelvic Raises:

This is another exercise that is quite easy to perform and will not be a great challenge. However, the amount of benefits it has for your body are many. You should lie on your back with your legs bent. Next you will have to raise the pelvis, taking off only your back and buttocks. Then you should go down slowly and repeat the exercise again.

To perform exercises you can help yourself with elastic bands of various types of tension. Another way is with kettlebells, they are very practical and you can exercise the whole body.

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