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What insurance covers injuries sustained in a gym?

On the blog we talk a lot about exercising, living a healthy lifestyle and things like that. Well, whether you are going to encourage yourself to start an exercise program or those who are already a regular athlete, there is one thing that you cannot help but be clear about: who covers injuries during sport. This time we are going to focus on injuries in the gym.

As you will see, the question depends on what type of exercise or sport is done and the conditions in which the injury occurs.

Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for gyms

You have to be clear that every gym or sports center must have compulsory civil liability insurance. This insurance covers all injuries sustained due to negligence or malfunction of the facilities.

Now, if the injury is due to misuse of the facilities, the gym’s liability insurance will not be responsible. Nor will it be responsible for injuries due to events arising from the usual practice of training or caused by or repetitive actions, due to inadequate technique or caused by personal misuse of the equipment.

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It should be noted that there are some insurances that offer more coverage, in addition to mandatory civil liability. However, for the client, injuries that do not have to do with civil liability are not covered.

Insurance for athletes

If you do sports on a regular basis, it may be worth taking out specific insurance, depending on your sports practice. In some sports you can federate, so that you can count on the coverage of the federation (you must consult the conditions in each case). On the other hand, there are insurances for athletes, independent of a federation. The offer is wide and flexible.

You can also take out accident insurance, including health insurance. And, if you are self-employed, you may be interested in taking out temporary work disability insurance.

Getting into legal issues

I am going to refer to an extraordinary article published on the blog of the legal publisher Sepis. According to this article, in the absence of rules in our legal texts that regulate civil liability derived from the practice of sports activity in a specific way, they are applicable, according to the STS, First Chamber, Civil, of October 22, 1992 (SP/SENT/117352), the regulations governing extracontractual civil liability provided for in arts. 1902 and following of the Civil Code.

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